About Change the World Team

God called us to start this ministry to help churches restore the effective evangelism that occurred in the Book of Acts and throughout the first centuries of the church. During that time, the number of Christians exploded through multiplication and made a huge impact on the Roman Empire.

The experience of being born again and growing in grace made such an impact in the lives of the followers of Christ that the people they knew took notice. The life in Christ was such a fulfilling experience that the early Christians could not stop talking about it – urging their acquaintances to be saved and to follow Christ.

We are here to provide tools and training to pastors, missionaries and churches to equip their people to begin to multiply as laborers together with Christ.

We do this through:

  1. Evangelism by Multiplication Pastors’ Conferences
  2. Local Church Intensives
  3. New Life App that makes it easy for people to share Christ with their smart phones.
  4. Equipping website with video training
  5. Mission trips to assist overseas pastors, missionaries and churches
  6. NewLifeForAll.com with salvation articles and videos, apologetics videos to answer the questions of unbelievers and downloadable tracts.
  7. Automated follow-up system for new believers to complement the follow up activities of local churches.
  8. Publication of Gospel tracts.