Bob Sharpe, Director

Bob Sharpe became a Christian as a runaway teenager in July, 1965, and has been serving God ever since. God instantly made a dramatic change in his life. The night he was saved, the pastor told him, “Bob, now that you are saved, God wants you to tell others about Jesus. Bob took that challenge very seriously, The next day he began telling his old friends about Christ.

The story of his salvation was featured on the international broadcast of Unshackled in the summer of 1966.

He spent several years in Christian broadcasting, and by the time he was 20, he was hosting a talk show on WMUZ, in Detroit.

He was educated at Moody Bible Institute and William Tyndale College (known as Detroit Bible College in those days). In addition, he took some classes at Crown College (then known as St. Paul Bible College) in Minnesota.

He has always had a passion for reaching people for Christ. Over the years he has led many people to faith in Christ, and he has trained hundreds of people in personal evangelism, who in turn have led thousands of people to Christ.

He was an “independent” Baptist pastor for many years. He became a Southern Baptist in 1998. He is a member of Hemet Valley Baptist Church in Hemet, California. The ministry of Evangelism by Multipliction is non-denominational.
Bob Sharpe
Bob Sharpe

Great Commission Strategist

Jesus changed Bob’s life when he was 16 years old. The story was aired on an international network of radio stations in 1966. Click on the link below to listen.