Biblical Strategies for Evangelism

We are Laborers Together With God

Evangelism is rarely easy, but sometimes we make evangelism seem to be harder than it is. When we take God as seriously as we say we do, and when we are walking in the Spirit, there is a God-given difference in our lives that people can see. It opens doors for us to share Christ with them.

Almost Everybody Wants “The Big Three”

A survey showed that the three things (other than health) that people want in life are:

  • Love
  • Happiness (Joy = happiness on steroids)
  • Peace

When we as Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit and are walking in the Spirit daily, God gives us that in our lives as the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s working in us.

It is real, and other people notice it. Some are curious; others want to have what we have.

People Want to Be Loved


Everyday Evangelism